15 APRIL 1916, Page 2

A party of French Senators and Deputies arrived in London

bst Sunday, and on Monday visited the King and Queen at Bucking. ham Palace and Sir Edward Grey at the Foreign Office. In the evening they dined at Lancaster House, when Mr. Asquith made an important speech. The King, in speaking of our present &Mama with France, expressed the hope that it would be perpetual, His Majesty rejoiced, in particular, that the visitors would see the munition factories, and be able to estimate what we were doing in the war. This was an excellent point, for we fear that our own inveterate habit—or shall we call it national pastime ?—of self. disparagement has obscured from even our best friends all that we are undertaking, and the astonishing new spirit which possesses the people. For the rest, the King praised the noble valour of France, and in finely chosen words expressed the admiration of us all.