15 APRIL 1922, Page 12



Ste,—With the co-operation of the British Drama League and other societies and individuals connected with the stage, the important Theatre Exhibition, which was recently _held with great success at Amsterdam, is being transferred to London. Several galleries of the Victoria and Albert Museum are being set aside for this exhibition, which it is hoped will open early in June. The authorities of the Museum are responsible for all matters relating to administration. A fund to cover expenses is being raised by the British Drama League; and in all questions relating to selection, decoration, hanging, itc., the Museum is being assisted and advised by special committees. The Selection Committee hopes that artists who have done work for the theatre will submit drawings or designs (for scenery, stage-setting, costume, &c.), not exceeding six in number. These drawings should be labelled " International Exhibition," and delivered to the Victoria and Albert Museum on any day up to and including April 30th.

Those who wish to submit a model (which must not exceed half-inch scale) should apply, in the first place, to the General Secretary, Mr. Martin Hardie, R.E., Victoria and Albert Museum, S.W. 7, who will be glad to give information on this and other points. An application form, which should be signed and sent with exhibits, or before their despatch, will be supplied on request by the general secretary.—I am, Sir, &c.,

CECIL HARCOURT SMITH (Director and Secretary).

Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, S.W. 7.

[We are delighted to publish Sir Cecil Smith's appeal on behalf of an exhibition which we have repeatedly and earnestly advocated. We trust that British stage designers will take full advantage of this rare opportunity.—ED. Spectator.]