15 APRIL 1938, Page 34


The results of insurance companiei recently reviewed here have shown both that life assurance has by no means reached its saturation point, and that the insurance companies have not felt their financial position jeopardised by the difficult conditions in investment markets. Among the good figures which have recently been announced are those of the London and Manchester Assurance Company, whose new business in the ordinary branch again exceeded £4,000,000, and the Canada Life Assurance whose assets increased by £1,402,657. The total new life assurance business written by the Canada Life Assurance in 1937 amounted to L11,442,663, an increase of 18.6 per cent. The business written in the British Isles rose from £2,015,488 to L2,14o,474. The company is one of those which circulate with the accounts the speeches to be made at the annual meeting. ' The Vice-chairman thus makes it clear that a further increase in the dividend to policy-holders