15 APRIL 1966, Page 27

Two specialised holiday guidebooks that cost little and help a

lot are Pets Welcome and Children tVelconie. both in the Herald Advisory Services series at 3s. 6d. (23a Brighton Road, Croydon, Surrey). Readers often ask me, in the middle of the holiday season usually, for coun- try hotels that accept families, including juveniles and canines. The British Hotels and Restaurants Association guidebook has a table at the back identifying hotels of this kind, but the Herald guides go into detail -playrooms, special child- ren's teas. swings and sandpits and all that.

Predictably, most of the places that welcome pets don't mind children either. Herald also have 3s. 6d. guides to caravans and furnished holiday homes. to 'wayside inns,' and to bed-and-break- fast addresses in the south and south-west of England and in the north, Scotland and Wales. They should do one on boat hire and house- boats next.