15 APRIL 1995, Page 31

So it is true Sir: With regard to your recent

correspon- dence concerning penis size — and race — I feel my own experience might be of inter- est. A few years ago I spent a month in Brixton Jail. At the time Brixton was used as a holding station for any foreigners arrested in the United Kingdom. The prison also had large communal showers. Thus, whenever I took a shower, I was given a unique opportunity to compare the endowment of various races represented in the jail: Arabs, Africans, Irishmen, Hispan- ics, Indians, Chinamen, et al.

Blacks were undoubtedly the biggest. Next were northern Europeans. Thereafter, in descending order, came Latinos, Arabs, Indians and Pakistanis, with Orientals at the bottom: The smallest was a Japanese. Seeing as recent research has indicated that Orientals are, genetically speaking, the most intelligent of races, and blacks the least, this table seems to infer a reciprocity between penis size and intellect.

Sean Thomas

28 Thornhill Crescent, London Ni