15 APRIL 1995, Page 31

What of Lord Gowrie?

Sir: Lord Gowrie's spell as your Diarist cre- ates a savoury juxtaposition, appearing as he does just a few pages from where the admirably relentless Giles Auty regularly blasts the sour results of the state art sub§i- dies which Lord Gowrie as chairman of the Arts Council dispenses, and where only a few weeks ago Rupert Christiansen was lamenting the dismal products of state sub- sidy in provincial theatres.

Those of us who suffer the sight of pro- fessional arts administrators relentlessly Pursuing their narrow ideology at the expense of disappointed audiences around the country are longing to see signs of an end to the complacency of those in charge. With heritage department ministers — not a hope. But what of Lord Gowrie?

Will he serve his time as a prisoner of the inward-looking, desiccated bureaucra- cy and the self-serving coterie over which he presides? Or will he insist taxpayers be given the good quality art they want, in all the gorgeous variety of continuing as well as evolving forms? Might he just give us the hint of an answer in The Spectator diary?

G. F. Dark

Carleen, Trefusis Road, Flushing, Falmouth