15 AUGUST 1829, Page 14


The Rev. Dr. Burton was installed Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, on Saturday last —The Rev. J. Manley, M.A. a Wadham College, is presented to the Rectory of Upton Hellion, Devonshire, void by the death of the Rev. John Hugh Paisley Poison-- A dispensation ha § passed the Great Seal, enabling the Right Ron. Lord Anson, ALA. We Student of Christ Church, to hold the Vicarage of Tamworth, Warwickshire, with the Vicarage of Tardebrigg, Worcestershire, void by the death of the Rev. P. Wren-both in the patronage of the Earl of Plymouth-The Rev. R. B. Paul, M.A. late Fellow and Tutor of Exeter College, and Vicar of Long Wittenham, Belts, has been instituted, by the Lord Bishop of Llandaff, to the Vicarage of Lantwit Major, with the Rectory of Limvorney annexed, Glamorganshire. Patrons, the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester.- The Rev. J. Studholme, M.A. Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, has been ;instituted, by the Lord Bishop of Ely, to the Vicarage of Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire, on the presentation of Mrs. Hicks-The Rev. J. Skelton, Chaplain at Wykeham Abbey, to the Vicarage of Weld Newton, on the presentation of the Hon. H. Langley, of the former place--, age J. Irvin, Curate of Hack/less, so she Vicarage of Brampton, on the presentation of Sir G. Cayley, Bart.-The Rev. T. Irvine. to the perpetual Curacy of throttle, in Ilolderness, vacant by the death of the Rev. J. Gilby-The Rev. J. Bower, to the Rectory of Barmston, vacant by the death of the Rev. J. Gilby-The Rev. T. sumo);, Vicar of Sheffield, has appointed the Rev. W. F. Farish, M.A. Fellow and Tutor or Queen's College, Cambridge, to be the Minister of St. Mary's Church, in-Brammall- lane, now nearly completed-The Rev. F. Urquhart, to the Rectory of \Vest Knighton, with Broadmayne-The Rev. C. W. Woodley, B.A, to the Vicarage of St. Stythians, with the chapel of Terran Arwothall, Cerulean-The Rev. H. Dyke, B.A. to the Vicar- age of Trelynt, in Cornwall-The Rev. F. W. Sharpe, to the perpetual Curacy of aleayash, Derbyshire.