15 AUGUST 1829, Page 15


Some anxiety is felt in consequence of the non-arrival of the Company's Ship Rose. She left Bengal on the 22d March, was seen by the Coldstream near the Mauritius on the 24th April, but bad not reached St. Helena on the 30th June. The uncertain nature of a voyage round the Cape in the winter season seems sufficient to account fur her deten- tion, but re-insurances have been effected on her at 6 to 7 per cent.

The Perseverance, Brown, from Liverpool to Bengal, was totally wrecked near Narsa- poor Point, on the night of the 28th Feb. The crew, and a part of her cargo were saved by a country vessel_ The Helen, Rounds, sailed from Mauritius for Madagascar and the Cape on the 8th Feb. and has not since been heard of. It is feared, that with the Darius and Strenshall, she foundered in the hurricane of the 9th Feb.

The Alice, Powditch, having been ashore in the Straits of Malacca, has been hove down at Singapore for repair. The Company's Ship Kellie Castle left St. Helena for China on the 6th June.

Arrived. At Gravesend, Aug. 12th, Isabella, Parker, from Bengal and Mauritius. At Portsmouth, Aug. 10th, 11. IF. S. Rainbow, from Ceylon. Off Portsmouth, Aug. 12th,- Maria, Wakefield, from Mauritius. 13th, Abberton, Percival ; and Coldstream, late Biller, from Bengal ; and Flinn, Phillipson, from the Cape. Off Falmouth, Aug. 11th, Indian, late Emile, from Singapore. At Liverpool, Aug. 11th, Mateina, Pearson, from Bombay. At Madeira, July 5th, St. George, Swainson, from Liverpool for Bengal. 6th, Lady Raffles, Tucker, from London for Bombay ; and Alexander, Ogilvie, from Clyde for Batavia. 7th, Symmetry, Stevens, from London for Mauritius. 12th, Orient, White, from London for Bengal. At St. Helena, June 18th, Nithsziale, Christian, from Bombay. list, Itarrossa, Hutchinson ; and 23d, Maitland, Short, from -Bengal. At the Cape, May :10th, Henry, Bunny, from London. June 7th, Edward Lambe; Freeman, from Bombay. At the Mauritius, May 8th, Cundian, from London. At Trincomalee, March 6th, Sit-John Rae Reid, Haig, from London. At Bombay, March 29th, Protector, Bragg, from Liverpool. 20th, Elizabeth, Grcig, from Clyde and Hamburgh. At Calcutta, March lgth,Nandi, Hawkins, from Liverpool. 20th, Roberts, Corbyn. from London. Sailed.-From Gravesend, Aug. 9th, Sarah, Chrystie, for New South Wales; 10th, Julianuu, Tarbutt, for Bengal ; llth, Claudine, Heathorn, for New South Wales. From Liverpool, Aug. 8th, Rachel, Putter, for Bombay; 12th, New England, Eden, for Ba- tavia; and Herculean, Battersby, for Calcutta. Spolcen.-Marquis Anglesea, from London to Swan River, 28 June, 3 north, 23 went. Sir Joseph Banks, from Singapore to London, 22d May, by the Maitland, arrived at St. Helena. Palmyra, from London to Madras, 2d June, 35 south, 18 east.

SATURDAY MORNING. arrived.-In the Downs, Aug. 14th, Newton, Rising, from Batavia, sailed Ilth April. Off Portsmouth, Sir Thomas Munro, Crockley, from Manilla 13th Feb. and from Siuga- pore 14th March.

tailed.-From Liverpool, Aug. 13th, Isabella, Leeds, for Java.