15 AUGUST 1829, Page 15


Tuesday, August 10. PARTNERSHIPS DissossvEn.-T. and C. Atkinson, Upper Stamford-street, archi- tects-Bell and Hodgson, Solihull, Warwickshire, maltsters-Glover and Dixon, Leeds, corn-millers-Owen and Eccles, Chancery-lane, surgeons-Broadbent and Blackburn, Seammonden, Yorkshire, stone-delvers-Chalk, Meggy, and J. Bendel, jun. of Chelms- ford and Witham, auctioneers ; as far as regards Beadel-M'Nolty and Clark, Liverpool, common-brewers-Shepherd and Middle, Melksham, upholsterers-Woolley and Ward, Nottingham, lace-manufacturers-Forster and Owen, Goldsmith-street, Cheupside, silk- agents-Hardy and Gould, Myton, Kingston-upon-Hull, paper-hanging-manufacturers -B. Nowell, dec. J. Nowell, dec. and J. Nowell, Dewsbury, stone-masons-Phillips and Gardner, Brighton, printers-J. and D. Paulden, Stockport, attorneys-Prescott and Wright,Liverpool, coffee-dealers-Blakeman and Turvey, Chipping Campden, Glouces- tershire, timber-merchants-Barke, dec. and Grooves, Birmingham, woollen-drapers- Mass and Elliott, Birmingham, linen-drapers. IzsoLvENT.-Ang. 10, J. ATKINSON, Leeds, dyer.

BANKRUPTCY SUPKitsEDED.-J. DAVENPORT, Birmingham, victualler.

BANKRUPTS.-[To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basingliall-street.] -T. 1). TILLY, Shoreditch, baker, Aug. 14, Sept. I, 22: solicitor, Mr. Brooks, Lineoln's-inu- tields-G. BROWN, Malden, merchant, Aug. 14, V, Sept. 22 : solicitor, Mr. Roe, Gray's. inn-S. F. GRAY, New Bond-street, chemist, Aug. 18, '21, Sept. 22: solicitor, Mr. Hen- son, Bouverie-street-A. Gourd) and J. PY3I, Portobello-wharf, Blackfriars, coal-mer- chants, Aug. 14, 21, Sept. 22: solicitor, Mr. Rhodes, Chancery-lane. 13Amtuo rrs.-[To surrender fit the Country.] -T. Ilovi.E and \V. B. HARRISON, Manchester, commission-agents, Aug. 24, 20. Sept. 22 : solicitors, Milne . and Parry, Temple-R. Jonas. Shrewsbury, monster, Sept. 7, 8, 22: solicitors, and Co. Lin- coln's-Ina-fields-W. POULTE R., Barrow, Suffolk, general shopkeeper, Aug. 21, 22, Sept. 22: solicitors, Swain and Co. Old Jewry.

DIVIDEND s.-Sept. 12, Wright, Boston, druggist-Sept.15, Haselden, Liverpool, ship- builder-Sept. 14, Lowth and Wilson, Nottingham, lace manufacturers-Sept. 30, Dull- can and Co. Liverpool, merchants-Sept. 1, Foster, Oxford-street, tailor.

Cs R.TIFICATES to be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Sept. 1.--Ferrett, Bristol, victualler-Brook, Choppards, Yorkshire, clothier-Anderson, Great St. Thomas Apostle, surgeon-Meredith, Birmingham, liliell-draper-Leeds,111ancliester, spinner-Baxter, Crutchedfriars, wine-merchant-Jones, Gardden, Denbighshire, Iron- master-Nairne, Shepherdess-place, City-road, dealer.

Friday, August 14.

PARTNERSHIPS DissoLvED.-Hanbury and Bradley, Windmill-street, Haymarket, satv-makers.-Mounsey and Holden, Liverpool, hosiers-Scurr and Heseltine, Finch- lane, stock-brokers.-W. and IL Lintott, Peterslield.-Blerrielees and Reid, Aberdeen, haberdashers.-Jerrold and Booth, Fleet-street, proprietors of a Sunday newspaper.-J. Whitley and Co., Warrington, iron-founders.-C. and E. J. Breeden, Blandford-Forum, coach-builders.-Atkins and Thorp, Evesham and Badsey, silk-throwsters.-T. and w. Wood, Birmingham, printers.-Lumax and Parsons, Camden-town, surgeons.-Jarvis and Power, Hinckley and Atherstone, attornies.-Gardner and Sanders, New-road, St. George's, plumbers.-Louthin and Oven, Bond-street, tailors.-Elliott and Burt, 'l'ow- cester, attornies.-Metealfe and Co., Kingston-upon-Hull, dealers in whalebone.-Booth and 0regsou, silk-throwsters.-Burrell and Son, Tokenhoitse-yard, auctioneers.-Hall and Rogers, Brighthelmston, plumbers.-Boustield and Phillips, Chiswell-street,

aue- tioneers.-Stead and Andrews, York, brick-makers.--Newton and Brown, AI anche,ter, surgeons.-S. H. and S. Deed, High-street, Bloomsbury, leather-sellers.-Rogerson and Co., Quebec.-Johnson and Lomas, Liverpool, colour-manufacturers.-W. and 0. Falkner, Cumberland-street, Middlesex Hospital, butchers.

Ixsohverars.-Aug. 11, R. LANGLEY, Oxford-street,-; perfurmer-Aug. 12, J. Nr- CiloLLs, Mitcham' silk-manufacturer-Aug. 13, 1'. Chossox, Harwich, sail-maker- Aug. 14, T. HUNT, Surrey-street, Strand, commission-agent.

BANER U ern ES ENLARGED.-Al. WELLEVISE, Bridge-street, Blackfriars, milliner, from Sept. 1 to Sept. 15-T. WoOD, jun., Clayton, Yorkshire, worsted-manufacturer, from Sept, 4 to Sept. 21-R. Molts, Dean-street, Shadwell, and Underwood, Stirling- shire, distiller, from Aug. 28 to Sept. 4.

BANKR UPTs.-(To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court,Businghall-street.J-S.Wr L Y, Upper St. Martin's-lane, licensed-victualler, Aug. 21, Sept. 1; 25 : solicitor, Mr. Gait- siren, Poultry-S. HUFFRA31, Poplar, mast and block-maker, Aug. 21, Sept. 1, 25: so- licitor, Mr. Nokes, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury-J. Farr xs, Bond-street, tailor, Aug. 18, 21, Sept. 20: solicitors, Arnett and Elderton, Temple-F. mid C. GRIFFITH, Southampton-row, linendrapers, Aug. 18, 20, Sept. 20 : solicitor, Mr. Jones, Size-lane- W. and W. Jonas, Kensington, builders, Aug. 18, 28, Sept. 25: solicitor, Mr. Smart, Percy-street-J. Score, High Holborn, linendraper, Aug. 25, 23, Sept. 25 : solicitor, Mr. Davison, Bread-street, Cbeapside-M. and W. PEARCE, New Park-street, South- work, timber-merchants, Aug. 18, 20, Sept. 25 : solicitor, Mr. Thwaites, Queen-street, Cheapside-L. 0. Bean, Birmingham, victualler, Aug. 21, Sept. 4, 20: solicitor, arr. Templer, Great Tower-street-R. RAG GE, Great Bookham, sadler, Aug. 13, 28, Sept. 23 : solicitor, Mr. Walter, Chancery-lane-A. Sy:a:ea:ens, Thomas-srreet, Kennington-Coin- mon, carpenter, Aug. II, 28, Sept. 25 : solicitor, Mr. Benton, Great Surrey-street-It. BALLS, Exmouth-street, Easton-square, victualler, Aug."1, 28, Sept.25 : solicitors, Burt and Drummond, Carmarthen-street-L. J. J. Noel, Hatton-garden, money-scri- vener, Aug. 21, 28, Sept. 20 : solicitors, Annesley and Son, Charlton-place, Southwark- W. TAvhbri, Lombard-street, stationer, Aug. 28, Sept. 4, 25 : solicitor, Dlr. Tuniley, White Hart-court, Lombard-street.

BANKRUPTS.-[To surrender in the Country.] -J. BPGaRGOR, Liverpool, merchant, Aug. 26,27, Sept. 25: solicitors. Blackstock and Bunce, Temple-L. Les Charley, Lan- cashire, cotton-manufacturer, Aug. 28, 29, Sept. 25 : solicitors, Hurd and Johnson, Temple-T. Wnireoni a, jun., Kidderminster, hatter, Ang. 25, 26, Sept. 25 : solicitors. Norton and Chaplin, Gray's-inn-square-F. al owes:, Birmingham, victualler, Aug. 25, 26, Sept. 25 : solicitors, Norton and Chaplin, Gray's-inn-square.

vinsnens.-Sept. 4, R. and It. Miller, Bermondsey, glue-manufacturers-Sept. 10, Burns, Liverpool, chymist-Sept. 11, Thomas, Blandford, wine-merchant-Sept. 4, Ma- son, St. Alban's, linen-draper-Sept. 4, Franklin, Wilmot-street, Brunswick-square, tailor-Sept. 4, Burleigh, Bishopsgate-street-without, wine-merchant-Nov. 27, 28, J. Stevens, Plymouth, ship-owner-Oct. 6. J. Stevens, Plymouth, calm-merchant-Oct. 6, J. L. Stevens, Plymouth, coal-merchant-Sept. 4, Briggs, Grantham, tailor-Sept. 15, Holmes and Edwards, Derby, booksellers-Sept. 12, Smadley, Warwick, victualler- Sept. 5, Goodwin, Manchester, flour-dealer-Sept. 12, Amphlett, Brorusgrove, baker- Sept. 4, Wardle, Carnaby-street, carpenter.

CERTIFIcATE5to be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before Sept. 4.-J. and J. Eastman, Streatham, wheelwrights-Burton, sen. Leadenhall-street, book- seller-Thomas, Piccadilly, coach-proprietor-Don, Holland-street, Christchurch, en- gineer-Lycett, Nelson-street, St. Luke's, bookbinder-Norton, Ratclitl-highway, and Camberwell, cheesemonger-Greenwood, St. Paul's Churchyard, merchant-Cleveland, Gravel-lane, innkeeper-Barret, Upper Berkeley-street, painter-Dickinson, Liverpool, timber-merchant-Paris, Bristol, victualler.