15 AUGUST 1829, Page 2

The Irish Government has published a proclamation which has im.

parted great contentment to Orangemen, without dissatisfying their opponents.

"Dublin Castle, 5th Aug. 1829.

" Whereas, it bath been represented to the Lord Lieutenant, that a party of persons, called Orangemen, on their return home after dining together in the vicinity of Arney- bridge, were attacked by a large assemblage of persons called,Ribbonmen, (who had been previously dislodged from a position which they had taken on the mountain between Florence-court and Swanlinbar,) when one man of the Orange party was piked to death, and six others wounded, three of whom have since died. Now we, the Lord Lieutenant for the better apprehending and bringing to justice the person or persons concerned in this barbarous murder, are pleased hereby to offer a reward of Two Hundred Pounds to any person or persons (except those actually concerned in the commission of the mar. der), who shall give such information as may lead to the apprehension and conviction of the persons concerned, not already apprehended.

" By his Grace's command,