15 AUGUST 1829, Page 8



We have received Lisbon Gazettes and letters to the 3d inst. The former announce that Don Miguel has been proclaimed King in the Portuguese islands of St. Thomas and Principe ; and the latter that he was, in compliance with the wishes of England, become much more moderate in his government. An express from Paris arrived this morning to an eminent capitalist in the City ; but we understand that it brought no political news of importance. Prr Lord Eldon has written a letter to a gentleman in Ireland declaring the letter which bears his name, about which so much has been said, a forgery. Since our list of East India Shipping was completed, we have seen a letter from the Coldstream, in which. the following passage relative to the Rose, Indiaman, occurs. " We were detained off the Cape of Goorrilope for eight days by a strong north-west wind ; and were surprised, on our arrival at St. Helena, to find that the Rose, which had kept company with us for .seven days down the Bay of Bengal; had not made her appearance. A vessel which arrived on the same day, reports that she fell in with a boltsprit of a ship of about 1000 tons between the Isle of France and Madagascar ; which gives rise to suspicions that the Rose may have met with some accident."