15 AUGUST 1868, Page 23

The Master and Servant Act, 1867; with an Introduction, Notes

and Forms, and Tables of Offences. By James Edward Davis. (Batterworths.) —Mr. Davis gave evidence on the law of master and servant before the select committee of 1866, and some of his views have been embodied in the Act of last year. The book now before as gives that Act in full, with notes upon every section, explaining much that needs explanation and filling up many of those gaps which are always left by the hest-intentioned framers of Acts of Parliament. On the whole, the book seems to us to answer its purpose. It is intended more for those who are practically interested in the subject, either as magistrates, employers, or workmen, than for the public generally, and therefore it willhardly serve to convey a clear idea of the law of master and servant to mere inquirers. But those who have to administer the law and those who have to obey it will find Mr. Davis a full and accurate teacher.