15 AUGUST 1947, Page 18

Deer and Fox Different animals rely, of course, on different

senses for their preserva- tion, and this master sense may react to a pitch of scarcely credible acuteness. All the tribe of deer, I think, owe much to intensely sensitive ears. For example, friends of mine have been watching from the window of their house twin roe deer, which incidentally were seen watching with brief curiosity a vixen playing in their neighbourhood with three cubs. Now these deer wander at a distance of some hundred yards or more from the house, but they are so acute of hearing that they look up and " freeze " at the slightest noise within the room from which the observers look. Other animals, including foxes and rabbits, are qinte deaf to such low distant sounds. My experience with animals is that the opening of the door of one sense shuts, or may shut, the doors of other senses. _