15 AUGUST 1947, Page 5

The new edition of Ashley Courtenay's hotel guide, Let's Halt

Awhile, which comes to me each year, always inspires a certain exhilarating holiday feeling, even if I have just had a holiday. This time the pages are rather more closely packed, and there is a good deal which I don't remember seeing before about Scotland, Northern Ireland and Eire. I am glad to learn from Mr. Courtenay's preface that there is now "a welcome spirit of service in the air." I hope that is true, for it is vitally important. The book is never quite up-to-date, for Mr. Courtenay aims at re-visiting each year almost every hotel he describes, and it takes some time to do the extensive round. Moreover, as everyone knows, it takes some time, too, to get a book published once the manuscript is turned in. But any changes there may have been are immaterial, and the 1947 Let's Halt Awhile (Simpkin, Marshall, 6s.) will be singularly useful, as its predecessors have been, to anyone projecting an immediate or more distant holiday. It is claimed that only " good " hotels, not merely