15 DECEMBER 1832, Page 10

• COUNTRY ELECTIONS.—The arrivals of this morning give the fol-

lowing additional returns. Leeds—Marshall and Macaulay. Blackburn —Fielden and Turner. (Dr. Bowing has lost the day ; which we re- gret.) BITC071—Watkins. Walsall—Foster. 0/(//non—00BBETT and Fielden. Sa/ishery—Brodie and Wyndham. Northamptonshire South .—Althorp and Curtwright. Rutland—Noel and Heathcote. Bye- Clirteis. I 'el/meth—Buxton end Johnstone. Macclesfield—Ryle and Brockleharst: Rochdale—Fenton. Shrewsbur?A—:Haumer and Slaney. Whithy—Chapman. aly/esbury—Rickford and Hamer. Wells (Somersetshire)—Lamant and Lee. Newcastle, U. L.—Ridley and Hodgson. Carmarthen—Yelverton. Warrington— Hornby.