15 DECEMBER 1832, Page 10


FRIDAy•EVENING. The H. C. S. Marquis Camden was out of dock, at Bombay, in the middle of August, and was about to proceed on lwr voyage. Arrival—At Gravesend, Dee. 11th, Vistula. Christian, from the Cape; 13th, Lady Fcrersham, Ellerby, from Bombay. or tbe Wight, 5th, Scotia, Simpson, from Mauri- film. At Portsmouth, 13111. II. M.S. Cinizer, and buly Keunaway, Monerieff, from Bengal. At Liverpool, 7th, Hindoo, Askew, from Bengal ; 11th. Flora, Blair, from Bombay ; and Itiphey. Lloyd, from Bengal; and, 10th, Majestic. Lawson, from Bombay, At St. Helena, Oct. Nth, Joseph Winter, Pearce ; cud, 00th, Princess Victoria, Hart, front Calcutta; 01st, Daphne, Todd, front the Capa ; 020, George Carmiog, Busant ; and 1ohn, 1%Prarlaue, from Mauritius. At the Cape, Sept. 25th, Duke or Bedford, Bowen ; 07th, Alexander Robertson. Grey: and, t::;:th, Britannia, Bowden, Rom Lon- don; Oct, 1st, Ada, Fowcher, from Bristol; 3d, Edward Lombe, Freeman, from Loudon ; and 11. S. Elphinstone, Elliot, front Madras. At MaurItitts, Sept. 12th, Abel Gower. Smith ; and Atlas, Hunt, from Loudon.. At Madras, July 1611., Palmyra, Loader, from London.

Sailed—Front Gravesend. Dec. Stit, Ganges, Ingram. for Madras ; 9111, Urania, Dunn, for the Cape; and, 13th, Cumbrian, Myth, for Bombay. Front Liverpool, 8th, W. Leekerby, Rowe, for Singapore; anti, 10311, Alice, Hepburn, for New South Wales,

SATURDAY, ONE o'CL0CE. . Arrived—At Liverpool, Princess Victoria, Hart, from Bengal.