15 DECEMBER 1832, Page 10



The most recent, we can hardly call thera the newest, accounts from Antwerpamay be summed up in the following notice, which we ex- tract from the Times of this morning- " The appearance of the Citadel, at which Igazed during an hour and a half this evening, is hideous,—its buildings in ruins ; its parapets and embrasures torn ; its fire nearly extinct ; not a creature passing within it, while the French "bombs continued to shower upon it. The defence which was hitherto so de- iided, seemed to relax. Scarcely a cannon was fired off in it, but a considerable fusillade was kept up from the right flank of the bastion Fernando. Judging from the direction of this musk-etry, it would appear that the works of the French approach near to the countersearp of the left flank of the demilune, be- tween the bastions Toledo and Pacietto. The French bombardment from Fort fontebeilo, cud one or two batteries near it, was incessant. This continual fire, which is now as resolute as ever, is, as it appears, one of the proceedings of a regular siege ; and Las for object to prevent the besieged from all attempts at new constructions in the Citadel, and also to protect the workmen in the trenches. The French engineers are amused with the siege, which they say is Lot an easy practical lesson, in which they can take their own time."