15 DECEMBER 1832, Page 13

The first feeling with the vulgar is to believe that

a man of high rank must be a coward ; next, when they find be does those things which any other man would de, that be is a magnanimous hero. So is it with the young French Duke; of whom, and of his taking his turn in the trenches, and. of quarrels with Goasnn.because he was not permitted to. turn into them out of his turn, there has been no end.

This is the last exploit and the latest bon snot from the Quasi seat of war- " The Duke of Orleans takes his turn at the trenches, and I think there ean now be no longer any doubt that be is a great hero. This morning he was standing behind- a workinan. The Dutch were firing. The workman - --teeing a shell comiag, threw: himself his Tare. The 'Duke laughiogly desired him to stand up, and not be alanned—' The Dutch fire too high to hurt ua,' said the Duke; and do' not you °see that I am tolier than you, and vtill I am not afraid ?' " This must be recorded irt the Geste' Orleanorum his father's tutrix in her day mould have written a. Conte Morale on the subject.