15 DECEMBER 1832, Page 14

The following colloquy, which lately occurred in the Committee- -

room of one of the candidates for a Metropolitan borough, shows the idea -which, under the old system of representation, was ever up- permost in the minds of the independent electors of Great Britain. Elector—" Sir, I be come to vote for Mr. Z. Is he here?"

Secretary—" We are extremely obliged to you. This is Mr. Z."

' Mr. Z.—" Sir, I am highly sensible of your kindness. Pray, may I ask to what circumstance lain indebted for the honour of your support ? Elector (hearing only the word indebted, and buttoning his breeches- pocket)—" Nothing at all, Sir. Can't think of such a thing now. Can't indeed, Sir!"

What would have been Mr. Z.'s confusion, if the worthy elector had replied " Only a guinea, Sir?"