15 DECEMBER 1832, Page 19


Tins selection is executed with judgment and taste. Under the different heads of the Attributes of God, of the Condition, Duties, and Destiny of Man, and Lyrical and Prophetical Pieces, we find arranged the Religion, the Morality, and the Poetry of the Bible. Religious parents will esteem themselves happy in having such a readine.-book to put into the hands of their children ; and if they themselves have not so familiarly used the Bible that they cannot instantly lay their finger on the precise passage in accordance with their wants or feelings, they themselves will be glad of so pleasant and so instructive a guide as these Selections. It may be called, without profanation, the Beauties of the Bible : we may add, that no work under that title ever presented its extracts with less ap- pearance of being fractured, or torn up violently from the parent mass.