15 DECEMBER 1832, Page 2

M. ZEA BERMUDEZ has addressed a lengthy circular to the

Spanish diplomatic agents in foreign countries, which, if rigidly interpreted, would not say much for the future intentions of the Queen and her Ministers.

" Her Majesty," he says, "adhering to the bases that the wisdom of the King our master has laid down as the rules of his Government, and persuaded that the Spaniards cherish a noble pride in being at all times faithful to their Sove- reigns and submissive to the laws, declares herself the irreconcilable enemy of every religious or political innoration that it might be sought to establish in the kingdom, or to introduce into it from abroad, to subvert the reigning order of things ; whatever, moreover, might be the pretexts or the manoeuvres with which party-spirit might endeavour to cover its criminal designs."

Much, indeed, was not to be expected from a sister of the Dutchess DE BERRI ; but we must not be too harsh in our com- mentary. The Queen is in a position of great difficulty, and no small danger. If she were at once to declare for the Liberals, the probability is that the Priests and the Carlists would depose her in a week. She must soothe the tiger till she get him fairly caged; and then we may expect something from her good sense, and more from her weakness. The machine rolls on, and even the drag must go with it.