15 DECEMBER 1832, Page 9


Government have issued orders for the suspension of all proceedings (whether by process or otherivise) for the collection of tithes, during the progress of -the election in the variouS coutities.Dublin _Evening Post.

- The Tories of Ireland have declared War against the Ministers in due form The following are the sentiments of the Reverend. Mr. Boyton on the suhject- " Our object should be—it is our duty—whem we find it impossible to return members of our own sentiments, we Should oppose pad put the Government candidates entirely out of the representation. To many Oi. our country friends this advice may appear inexplicable. But I will illustrate this-there have been instances of one strong man being held by another stroll!, man, that he may be plundered or maltreated by a third. We are intliat predicament : the Govern- ment is holding Us-(the Protestants) in order that we may be maltreated and in- sulted by Papists; and it is therefore our duty to rid ourselves of that party which has always coerced and subjected us to the spoliation of the third party ; for the Government of this country. has aided the Popish party in restraining- our strength, and has thereby impeded the efforts of the loyal portion of his Ma- jesty's subjects. The two parties have united to effect our destruction. But with regard to the candidates of this metropolis, in order precisely to meet our views, and to act upon this principle, I do maintain, that if the struggle be be- tween the candidates supported by his Majesty's Government and the most ob- noxious of the Roman Catholic party, if we take any part in the contest at all— and it may be wise not to take any—but if we have a choice to make between the two parties, it would indubitably be our duty to put out the Government candidate, no matter who else ruav succeed."

The idiots that listened to this -rhapsody cheered ! So Nero fiddled when Rome was burning.

There are two or three painfully interesting circumstances which ap- peared in evidence at the inquest of the unfortunate Maddox family, lately murdered in the county of Wexford, which have not hitherto been noticed by the provincial or Dublin papers. A son and daughter of Maddox escaped the fury of the miscreants at first, by pretending to be servants of the family; but when at some distance from the house, the daughter- hearing the cries of her father, rushed back, exclaiming, " Oh, my God! are you going to murder my father?" Poor thing ! she fell a victim to her filial affection,—she was immediately shot by one, of the savages who surrounded the_ house. The policemen came out of the house, under promise of protection ; but, as soon as they appeared outside, they Were fired at. One escaped in the confusion, -uninjured ; the other, who was mortally wounded, ran some distance, leaped over a fence which few athletic men would have attempted, but, after running a short distance further, he fell -from weakness and loss of blood. His comrade, perceiving the condition he was in, ran to his ,assistance. The unfortunate man, on seeing him, cried out—" Are you shot ?" and on receiving an answer • in2the negative, exclaimed

Fly, then, for your life; don't stay ; it's all over with me." The survivor, having secured the Poor fellow's watch, Money, and arnmuni-

• tion, then Made good his•retreat.—Dalin Express.

On Friday evening, as Sir- Edward Blakentey was riding home, his horse suddenly reared at the corner of_Estex Bridge, Ormond Quay, .Dublin, and he was thrown backwards with great force against the ground. He was immediately taken up,.and conducted to a house at the -corner Of CaPel Street,' Where all assistance 'possible was rendered. Surgeon Lynch and the snrgeon. of the 90th Regiment were passing at the time, both of *horn examined him ; and we are happy to state, that lie was soon ahle to proceed home in a coed], not having received any injury except .a few bruiSei on the head and shoulders.—Dublin Even- ing Packet.

- There is some hope of tranquillity in Ireland now ; the good old practices have commenced. Two factions,- the Irish journals tell us, fought a pitched battle near Cartiebeg, county of Waterford, on Tues- day last; two men were killed, and several wounded. • By a law of his nature, an Irishman must be fighting with somebody. Whenever the factions are reconciled, a general explosion maybe certainly anticipated.