15 DECEMBER 1832, Page 9


Wan-orsicc, Dec. 14.-5th II egt. of Dragoon -Gunrds: I ivnt. D. E. Devine to be Capt., by purchase, vice Bryraer. who retires ; Cornet R. Mea,le to be Lieut., by per- chase, vice Beville ; E. T. II. Chanibers, Gent. to he Coruct, by purchase. vice Meade. —Gilt Dragoon Guards : Cornet J. C. Italton, from half-pay 35111 Light Draga:mns, to be Veterinary Surgeon, vice Hayward, deceased-6th Itegt. ■.,f Dragoons: .1. K. James. Gent., to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Irvine, who retires-10th Regt. of Light_ Dra- goons: .Lieut, F. S. Wedderbarn to be Capt., by parchase, vice Osborne, who relimtes..;_ Cornet M. AltDonough to be Lieut., by purchase, vice Wed,lerborn ; D. Ileneage„. Gent., to be Cornet. by purchase, vice Wllonough-17th Light Dragoons : .Cornet W. L. Shedd= to be Lieut.. by purchase, vice Touge, who-retires ; Seemal Lieut. IL W., Macdonald, front time 60th Foot, to be Cornet. by purchase, vice Shemblen—C,4,1stream Regt. of Foot Guards.: Lieut. and Capt. II. Gooch to -be Capt. and Lieut.-Col., without purchase, vice Russell, deceased Ensign 'and Lieut. R. Vansittart to be Lieut. and Capt., vice Gooch—lst Regt. of .Foot : Lord C. Beauclerk to be Ensign, by purchase; vice Wetherall, promoted in the 44th Foot-3d Foot : Ensign II. Williams. from half- pay 2d Garrison Batt., to be .Qoartermaster, vice G. Edwirds, who retires upon half- pay 2d Garrison Batt.-4th Foot: Ensigr Cr. F. Tvtler to be Lieut., by purchase. vice Cranford, who retires; .R. T. Sherlock, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Tyner-- 14th Foot : Lieut. j. Watson to be Capt. by purchase, vice the Marquis of Worcester, who retires; Ensign J. K. Lloyd to be Lieut., by purchase, vice Watson ; G. 111. Fuller- ton, Gent., to be Ensign. by purchase, vice Lloyd-38th Foot : Lieut II. D. Lewis, from half-pay 89th Foot, vice Jenkins, appointed to the 56th Foot ; Lient.-J. J. Fenton, from half-pay Unattached, vice Webster, appointed to the 90th Foot, to be Lieutenants —44th Foot : Ensign F. A. Wethettall, from the 1st Foot, to be Lieut., by, purchase, vice Pennington, who retires-56th Foot; 'Lieut. T. Jenkins, from the 33th Foot, to be Lieut., vice Woodgate, appointed to the 60th' Foot-58th Foot : 'Ensign Rowan to be Lieut., without purchase, vies Robertion, deceased ; Ensign It. Millar. front half-pay Royal Waggon Train, to be Ensign, vice Rowan--60th Foot : Liett. W. Knox to be Capt., by purchase, vice Young. who retires; Lieut. W. ml. Woodg,ate, from the 56t11 Foot, to be First Lieut., vice G. Armstrong, who retires upon halt-pay 39th Foot; Second Lieut. F. Jessop to be First Lieut., by purchase, vice Knox; 51.11. West, Gent., to be. Second Lieut.; by purchase, vice Jessop ; R. Mahon, Gent., to be Second Lieut.; by purchase, vice Macdonald, appointed to the. 17th tight Dragoonst67th Foot : J. E. Prower, Gent., to be Ensign, 14 purchase, vice Evans. appointed Witte 76th Foot- 68th Foot: Capt. D. H. A. Mackinnon, from half-pay Unto tactic& to be. Capt., vice Brevet-Major S. Kennedy, who exchanges-70th Foot : Capt. J. Kelso.% without pur- chase, vice Mackay, deceased; Capt. E. J. White, by purcliew, vice Sweeney:, who re- tires—to be Majors. Lieut. J. Gaston, without purchase, vice Keisan ;.• Lieut. P. w, Braham, by purchase, vice White—to be Captains. Ensign J. R. Lamert, from the 97th Foot, without purchase, vice Gaston ; Ensign II. Gerrard, by purchase, vice Bra- ham—to be Lieuts. S. B. Lamb, Gent., by purchase, vice Gerrard—to be Ensign. 74th Foot : Lieut. A. F. Angell to be Capt., by purchase, vice Ansel', who retires ; En- sign.H. H. Thompson to be Lieut., by purchase, vice Ansell; G. W. Ilaikes, Gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Thompson-76th Foot : Ensign C. S. S. ETaas, from the 67th Foot,' to be 'Ensign, vice Trench, promoted,96th Foot : Capt. T:D: Franklyn, from half-pay 24th Foot, to be Capt., vice J. Grant, who exchanges-89,11 Foot : Capt. T. Parr, from halfrpay 4th Foot, to be Capt., vice J. Chipehase, who exchanges95th Foot: Lieut. W. Mayes to be Capt., without purchase, vice Stainton, deceased; Ensign S. G. Dalgety to he Lieut., vice Mayes; Gent. Cadet H. Mr. Paget, from the It oyal tory College, to be Ensign, vice Dalgety-97th Foot: Lieut. C. Kelson to be Capt., without purchase, vice Snow, deceased ; Ensign W. Morris to be Lieut., vice Kelson ; Ensign W. Crowe, from half-pay 39th Foot. to be Ensign, vice Morris ; .1. Kinderley, Gent., RI be Ensign, by purchase, vice Lamert promoted in the 70th Foot-798th Foot : Major E. Vaughan to be Lieut..-Col.„ by purchase, vice Fitzgerald, who retires; Capt. J. G. he Marchanut. to be Major, by purchase, rice Vaughan: Lieut. T. M. Edwards to be Capt., by purchase;vice Le .Marchant ; Ensign H. D. Cooper to be Lieut.. by pur- chase, vice Edwards; C. IL .Fitzgerald, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Cowper- 99th Foot : Capt. E. Martindale, from half-pay Royal ' Staff Corps, to be Capt., vice Constantine Yeoman, who exchanges: Lieut. R. Webster, from the 38th Foot, to be Lieut., vice R.Collis, who retires upon half-pay Unattached—Royal Newfoundland Veteran Companies: Lieet,..1, Grant, from half-pay 21st Foot, to be Lieut., vice A. N. Purefoy, who exchanges.