15 DECEMBER 1855, Page 15


Belfast, 11th December 1855. Sin—Before this can reach you, you will be in possession of the facts of the Bible-burning case at Kingstown, and the failure of the prosecution. The impression has got abroad that the Irish Attorney-General, who is a Roman Catholic, did not act with good faith in the matter. True or false, the prevalence of such a notion is most undesirable. This, however, is only one result of the thoroughly unsatisfactory system of Irish law-appoint- ments; which being uniformly and almost unavoidably made from political motives, can acaroely, in a country like Ireland, command public confidence. The remedy is simple. Amalgamate the English and the Irish bar and

Irish- men the law appointments in England and Ireland to Englishmen and rish- men indiscriminately. Those in Ireland would then be given chiefly to Englishmen, who would command far more respect and confidence in Ire- land than partisan Irishmen could; while the Irish lawyers would receive compensation in England.

Both the English and the Irish bar would probably oppose this, from pre- judice : but such opposition might be overcome. All the Irishpeople care about in the matter is the preservation of the Law Courts in Dublin.