15 DECEMBER 1855, Page 17


ADMIRALTY, Dec. 11.-Vice-Admiral of the Blue J. Goode, K.C.B. has been ap- pointed to receive a pension of 1501. a year, as provided for in her Majesty's Order in Council of the 25th of June 1851, vacant by the decease of Admiral J. Carthew ; and the name of Vice-Admiral J. Cootie has been removed to the reserved half-pay list accordingly ; and in consequence of this removal the following promotion., dated the 30th ultimo, have taken place-Rear-Admiral of the Red A. R. Sharpe, C.B. to be Vice-Admiral of the Blue ; Bear-Admiral of the White W. Walpole to be Rem- Admiral of the Red ; Rear-Admiral of the Blue Sir M. Seymour, K.C.B. to be Rear- Admiral of the White ; Capt. C. Graham to be Rear-Admiral of the Blue ; Retired Capt. J. Wilson (B) to be a retired Rear-Admirnl, on the terms proposed in the London Gazette of the 1st of September 1848, without increase of pay.

With reference to the despatch from Admiral Sir E. Lyons, which appeared in the supplement to the London Gazette on the 7th instant, reporting the destruction of the enemy's resources in the Gbiesk-Liman, the following additional promotions. have taken place, dated the 7th instant-Mr. G. D. Perry to the rank of Master ; Mr. R. Verey confirmed to the rank of Gunner, and advanced to the Second Class.

The medal and gratuity for conspicuous gallantry have been granted to the under- mentioned men-P. 'denten, A.B. her Majesty's ship Curlew, Si. (dangerously wounded); D. Parry, A.B. her Majesty's ship Cracker, 51.; T. Kerr, Gunner,. R.M.A. her Majesty's ship Vesuvius, Si.