15 DECEMBER 1855, Page 30


The term " Crimean photographs" has become almost identified with the name of Mr. Fenton and the locality of the Old Water-Colour Gal- lery in Pall Mall East. But it is possible for the sun to produce his re- sults through the agency of other men, and for the results to light upon other spots of earth.

There is at present on sale at Mr. Hogarth's in the Haymarket a con- siderable series of "Crimean photographs," taken subsequently to Mr. Fenton's. In his we saw the "Valley of the Shadow of Death," the plateau of Sebastopol where the besieging West encamped so long before obdurate Russia, the harbour and streets of Balaklava, the soldiers in winter-costume : in these, we are admitted into the interior of the be- leaguered city, and read, in charred wood, battered works, crash, ruin, and blasting, the record of the "feu d'enfer" which hurled Gortschakoff and his still ordered masses across to the North side. One more page of history is here written in characters which could not falsify themselves, whatever the malignity or the credulity of the transcriber.