15 DECEMBER 1855, Page 9

A deputation from the Licensed Victuallers Society of Bristol had

an interview yesterday with Lord Panmure, to present a memorial setting forth the grievances they suffer in connexion with the billeting system. Lord Panmure said there was much hardship in their case. The Legis- lature never intended that men permanently embodied for active service should be billeted on licensed victuallers. Government had been com- pelled to adopt that course, however, because the barracks, destroyed at the end of the last war, had never been rebuilt. At the same time, Min- isters were anxious to have the men in barracks. One of the deputation observed that there are several empty buildings in Bristol that could speedily be converted into barracks. Lord Panmure promised that they should be inspected : the case of the memorialists should have his best attention.