15 DECEMBER 1855, Page 9

The health of Prince; Paskiewitch does not improve. In the

mean time, until further orders, it is remarkable that his functions are per- formed by a Pole. Count Vincent Krasinski, Member of the Imperial Council and General of Cavalry, is invested with the Presidency of the Supreme Council of Administration of the Kingdom. Count Krasinski belongs to one of the most illustrious families in Poland, and he was him- self a distinguished General of the army of Napoleon the Great.

According to some reports of German origin, Omar Pasha has not met with that support he had expected from the Circassians ; according to ano- ther, he attacked Kutais on the 21st November ; while a telegraphic de- spatch received from Paris this morning states that the Princess Dadian has signed a treaty by which she engages to bring her Mingrelians to the assistance of Omar Pasha.

The Savoy Gazette states that the visit of the King of Sardinia to Lon- don and Paris is likely to lead to a Concordat with the Holy See.

General Todtleben met with an enthusiastic reception on arriving at St. Petersburg a few days since. A dinner was given him by the Grand Duke Nicholas and the generals and officers of the army at Sebastopol who happened to be staying at the moment in the capital.