15 DECEMBER 1866, Page 1

Mr. Grote and Mr. Grant Duff are both candidates for

the Lord Rectorship of Aberdeen University. Of course in literary eminence Mr. Grote is far superior even to his accomplished rival, being the author of one of the very few great histories of all time. But on Mr. Grant Duff's aide it may be said that it is a great advantage for any University to have its Lord Rector in the House of Commons,—and that, under this condition, no more accomplished intellect than Mr. Grant Duff's could be found. His essays on European politics are admirable, his addresses to his constituents show that he can be brilliant as well as instructive, and as he is much the younger man, it is probable that, if chosen, he will in his addresses engage the interest of his University public more deeply. Mr. Grote, too, will lose, and rightly lose, some- thing in the eyes of a University constituency, by his recent partial and imperious policy at University College, London.