15 DECEMBER 1866, Page 2

M. Deak's address from the Hungarian. Diet to its King

will be adopted to-day (15th December) without a -debate, the division on M. Tisza's address having shown how complete is the majority of the Moderates. This is considered favourable to Austria, but the,address demands in the clearest language that the King shall recognize the laws of 1843 as constitutional, warns His Majesty that "there are situations in the life of nations which can never be protracted without danger ;" hints at the possibility -otforeign complications, and ends by a demand for a complete political amnesty. The Court of Vienna believes that to grant these demands would be to dissolve the Empire, and even in its ex- tremity will probably refuse them, thus putting off the necessary reconciliation between the halves of -the Empire once again. In that case the Radical party in Hungary will recommence negotia- tion with Prussia, and abandoning.all hope of compromise with the Hapsburgs, will await their opportunity.