15 DECEMBER 1866, Page 21

Lucy's Campaign : a Story of Adventure. By Mary and

Catherine Lee. With Illustrations by George Hay. (Griffith and Farran.)—We think that most young ladies would be very much pleased at the first sight of this bright little book, but we are not so sure about the final feeling. The story is slight enough. Lucy, aged ten, on her way home from school in '45, is caught by the rebels, and becomes for three days the pet of the whole brigade. This is all. It is true that a household is introduced at the end with a good many people in it, and a love affair going on, and we thus get to hear of a wedding; but all this is after the story is finished. However, the writing is good, and the con- versations are lively ; and perhaps the little folks will be gratified at seeing how much Miss Lucy is made of by the officers, who really seem to have nothing to do but to attend upon her. This tribute to their dignity, with the illustrations and the pretty binding, may secure the popularity of Lucy's Campaign.