15 DECEMBER 1866, Page 22

Post-Office London Directory. 1867. Sixty-eighth annual publication. (Kelly and Co.)—We

have not yet Iv ad this valuable work of 2,866 pages, a feat which, as far as we can make out, from timing a page, it would take any one desirous of going through so useless a task—in the most mechani- cal way, with the eye alone—near three weeks, reading night and day at the same rate, to complete. But though no one, we suppose, ever read the London Ditectory, every one uses it, and it is satisfactory to learn that it is up to date to an extent that does great credit to the proprie- tors. For example, Sir Hugh Cairns is described as Lord Justice of Appeal, Sir John Reit as Attorney-General, and Mr. Kerslake as Solici- tor-General, in the Law List. We also note that the new numberings of the lately re-numbered streets are rightly given in the Directory, though some of them have only been re-numbered within the last two months.