15 DECEMBER 1866, Page 3

A very old paper is apparently about to disappear, the

Evening Mail, a tri-weekly edition of the Times, established in 1790. The proprietors of this paper, Mr. G. Platt and Mr. W. Platt, are not identical with those of the Times, and Mr. Walter, in 1861, gave -them notice, under the special powers reserved to him by his father's will, that they could not use the Times' matter or type any longer. They pleaded the unbroken custom of seventy-seven years, but the Vice-Chancellor decided that such custom to be valid must be based upon some contract, and as there was no such contract, -the partnership existing between the Times and the Evening Mail must be dissolved and the paper sold. The decision, though inevitable on the facts, will be received with regret in India and many of the colonies, where it has been the habit of Englishmen to -" take the Times" through this edition, and so save half the price, more than half the postage, and escape the bore of the advertise- meat sheets.