15 DECEMBER 1866, Page 3

Dr. Pusey has written to the Times to say that

the change made Keble's verses on Communion in the Christian Year was made by Mr. Keble's express desire, but that it does not necessarily imply any belief in transubstantiation. The verse originally ran,—

" Oh come to our Communion feast! There present in the heart,

Not in the hands, the eternal Priest Doth His true self impart."

:Since Mr. Keble's death this has been changed at his own request into "there present in the heart, as irr the hands," &c., his view being, if we understand Dr. Purley rightly, that there was an objective (2 material) presence, hat that it was of no avail without Christ's presence also in the cleansed heart of the believer. In -other -words, "in the heart, not in the hands," meant in Mr. Keble's mind, even in the earlier editions, 'not to any good purpose present in the hands, unless also present in the heart.' Dr. Pttsey sdds that the objective presence ' in -which Mr. Keble believed did not necessarily involve transubstantiation. Of course not ; both - the bread and our Lord's body might be present 'in the hand' without any transmutation of the one into the other. But we do not. see what is gained by accepting all the difficulties of -transubstantiation, and ignoring_ the word.