15 DECEMBER 1866, Page 3

London seems to be gradually awakening to the fact that

it is badly governed. A Metropolitan Municipal Association has been -formed, with weak Lord Ebury as President and fifteen members of Parliament as Vice-Presidents, and on Tuesday it held a meet- ing in St. James's Hall. Mr. Charles Buxton, who presided, after describing the extraordinary conflict of authority in London, proposed that each area should have in itself all powers of self- government, should in fact be a borough. Mr. Hughes followed on the same side, quoting figures to show that while Marylebone administered 194,036/. for 7,7111., Westminster spent 17,462/. in managing the same amount. A resolution was carried declaring against any patchwork reforms, and demanding the division of London into municipalities, and a deputation was arranged to wait -on the Home Secretary. If the metropolitan members will support Mr. Mill, they, with the aid of the county members, may easily put down any local or class resistance, and give us a working Bill to create eleven boroughs, with a federal head.