15 DECEMBER 1866, Page 3

Our New York correspondent, after detailing with much tri- umph

very adequate proofs of the aversion felt to the negro at the North, tells us that "now, the negro passes out of this story." We doubt it, so long as the story continues. "A Yankee "believes, —say in the Apostles' creed and a wide berth to the negro, par- ticularly the latter. He evidently thinks that Christ if he had seen a negro, would either have cured him by a touch, as he did the leper, and bid him go and sin no more, or announced a distinct law for white relations with negroes. Love your neighbour (except negroes, to whom you may be indifferent) as yourself.'

Love your enemies, if white ; if negroes, don't hate them.' Such is the Yankee's real creed. We know by personal knowledge that he exaggerates absurdly the actual shrinking from 'contact' with colour.