15 DECEMBER 1944, Page 14


SIR,—Your correspondent Margery Whitehorn makes a commendable effort to be fair and objective in judging Eire's neutrality. But her argu- ment, like the High Commissioner's figures, is a confusion of two separate issues. What individual Irishmen, however numerous, have done in the war is one thing: what the Irish Government's policy has effected is quite another. Did Eire authorise, pay for or equip those who have joined our services or worked in. our factories? Surely the very essence of Mr. De Valera's neutrality is no help to Britain!

In the light of the above, her denial that the effect of Fire's neutrality has been "always to render valuable service to Germany and inflict damage on Britain" manifestly calls for proof. In so far as Eire's interpretation of neutrality coincides with that of the side she fears the more, she has positively helped Nazi Germany, and in fact almost tipped the scales at the most critical moment.—! am, Sir, Yours faithfully,