15 DECEMBER 1944, Page 2

The New Italian Cabinet

After long delays in which the leaders of the Italian parties dis- cussed their incompatibilities and one at least of them endeavoured to make capital out of the British Government's unfortunate expres- sion of distaste for Count Sforza as Foreign Minister, Signor Bonomi has succeeded in forming a new Cabinet. This time it is made up from members of four parties which have pledged their support, and there are none from the other two parties, the Socialists and the Activists, which were represented in the previous combination. The Communist, Signor Togliatti, who had formerly insisted on the representation of the six parties, has waived the point, and the Ministry is strengthened by the inclusion of Signor de Gasperi, the Christian Democrat leader, who has done much to overcome the difficulties in the task of Cabinet-making. In the condition of the country today any Italian Government must have an exceedingly difficult task, but there is only one way in which it can justify itself ir the eyes of Italians, namely, by addressing itself with great vigour and diligence to the tasks of daily administration.