15 DECEMBER 1944, Page 2

World Employment in Peace

Mr. S. M. Bruce, the High Commissioner for Australia, emphasis- ing the need of making peace-time aims clear to the peoples of the United Nations "in simple and unmistakable language," made an admirable proposal: that the United Nations should hold a con- ference on employment, pledging themselves to co-operation. The excellence of this suggestion is two-fold. Firstly, everyone can understand the desirability of adopting a policy for full employment within his own country. Secondly, the adoption of such a policy in any one country is of the greatest value to every other country which adopts it. That is one of the points which emerges so strongly from Sir William Beveridge's book! Our own programme for full employment, properly moulded, can be sure of success on one condition—that other countries should do the same thing. Such a policy, agreed on by the United Nations, favoured by public opinion, and supported by a sound monetary system and a stable tariff policy, would go a long way to ensure results in world economic co-operation.