15 DECEMBER 1944, Page 21

THE SPECTATOR" CROSSWORD No. 301 [A Book Token for one

guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week, December 26th. Envelopes should be received not later than first post that day and must bear the word "Crossword," the NUMBER of the puzzle and a zid. stamp. Solutions must be on the form below, and none can be accepted from the U.S.A. The solution and the name of the winner will be published in the following issue.]


1. Quite legal when actors do it. (9.) 6. Return the tobacco with a firm drop. (5.)

9. It's held either way. (5 )

so. But his troops are not rag-time band.

1 t. Richard translated, but still a stout fellow. (9.)

12. The sort of entertainment we shall see shortly, shortly. (5.)

13. Cause of much local irritation. (4.) 14. Lays waste. (v.)

it. "For a to fall On our meat and on us all." (Herrick.) (7.) 20. The rest of 12. (4.)

23. A Biblical source of gold. (5.) 25. Harpoons-or the girl who evidently works in the laundry. (9.) 26. This coral may be made into statues. (9.)

27. The nice, nosey little cook that Dr. Spooner referred to, perhaps. (5.)

28. They might be said to keep moving up and down. (5.)

29. Barristers engaged together on a suit in chambers? (9.)


7. Turn up late in an afterthought. (6.)

2. Bolted with the benedictine. (6.)

3. Thus one is changed. (9.)

4. Absconded in a mat. (7.)

5. One ruler chooses another. (7.) 6. Fasten down. (5.) 7. Chaffing s apparently frowned upon in the elderly. (8.) 8. Unshelled butterfly. (8.) 15. Very much the substance of " Dra- cula." (9.)

itS. Ann's boat. (Anag.) (8.)

17. " So surely - on the steadfast rock of immortality." (E. Monte.) (8.) :9. Colin, though backward, has "It."


20. The French words rearranged. (7.) 21. Hammer out a letter. (6.)

22. Poe's family ot house-owners. (6.)

24. One plays by them. (5.)