15 DECEMBER 1950, Page 18

SIR,—Mr. Christie's article and the letters following it encourage me

to suggest that now is the time to appoint a committee of laymen to consider Church Unity from the layman's point of view, with, say, four theologians to advise where necessary. This is a common enough way of dealing with problems.

The Christian laity are puzzled why we cannot unite as we desire and should. Here the answers could be given. On the other hand, laymen, untrammelled by the influence of training and the almost inescapable " professional " point of view of clergy, ministers and theologians, might show how the chief difficulties can be overcome. "Things concealed from the wise and learned, etc." (Luke x, 21, Moffars translation, Man- son's Commentary). If we believe, as we do, that the Holy Spirit is given to the laity, then He is likely to have something to say through the

mind of the faithful layman.—Yours sincerely, NORMAN S. KIDSON.

The V,icarage, Bakewell, Derbyshire.