15 DECEMBER 1961, Page 14


Sat,—I would take issue with Lord Altrincham over one point in his article on November 24. During the past academic year, as a recipient of a Fulbright grant to King's College, London, 1 bad occasion several times to experience the customs, facilities, etc., both at London Airport and the ocean terminal at South- ampton. The comparison of both these entry points with ours in the United States can only be most favourable. Indeed numerous other Americans have remarked to me of the remarkable and pleasing facilities at Southampton. Has Lord Altrincham had the opportunity to dock in Manhattan? If he has not yet encountered the dubious pleasure, I suggest that he fly, over if the necessity for coming presents itself at all. Also, having been caught by your customs officials at London airport as I was returning from the Continent (and attempting to smuggle in an extra supply of American cigarettes), I can express only admiration for the British politeness these in° expressed while confiscating my smokes.

University of California at Berkeley 26331 Regent St., Berkeley 4, California, USA