15 DECEMBER 1961, Page 14


SIR,—In his endeavour to give a comprehensive survey of the mind of Moral Re-Armament, Mr. Gascoigne has overlooked one very vital point. He does not mention either God or Jesus Christ, without whom it is quite impossible to understand MRA, for it stands or falls by a belief in God, by surrender of oneself to God, by daily contact with God and by obedience to the direction of God. It proclaims and demon- strates that the greatest power in the world today is the power of God at work in the human heart. With- out this MRA would be like a dead knight in armour, as Peter Howard puts it. Only God can change human nature and overcome the lustful passions of the human heart. This is the one hope that an end can be put to the corruption and violence that bedevil all human efforts to establish an era of unity and peace. The aim of MRA is to turn the world God- wards again and bring about the 'greatest revolution of all time, whereby the Cross of Christ will trans- form the world.'


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