15 DECEMBER 1961, Page 15


SIR,—One had hoped that mass prosecutions of ,homosexuals had ceased, but at the recent Notting- hamshire Assizes twenty-three men (most of them stated to be of good character) were charged with ellrences involving gross indecency. The sentences hoPosed varied from one to three years' imprison- ment and one man of seventy was included in those telt to prison for a year. The offences came to light as the result of inquiries made in another case and not as the result of a complaint to the police. The judge described the house where many of the °ffences took place as 'a moral plague spot' and said that although many people considered this type of offence was not contagious, this case of moral leprosy' indicated the reverse.

When will it be realised that the present law Creates 'moral leprosy' and 'plague spots'? The furtive activities of groups of homosexuals will most certainly not be stopped by witch hunts and Prosecutions, as history has shown. There is a very good chance that if the Wolfenden Committee's recommendations were to be accepted, male homo- sexuals in the country would soon come to behave as well as our Lesbians.

It really cannot be expected that all the million or so male homosexuals in Britain can forever Control their sex impulses, if they find willing part- Uers; and indeed, the law apart, why should they?