15 DECEMBER 1961, Page 6

The Influence of Natural Objects

By KINGSLEY AIMS The narrow channel where the tankers crawl And void their cargo into the pipelines, Encloses, with the railway track that runs Down to the tinplate works, a chunk of hill; And here sometimes a pony browsed.

Above, on the side furthest from the town, Beneath the ridge long swept of pit-prop timber, A shooting-brake, a 1960 Humber,

Sometimes pulls in among the gorse, unseen: Evans is careful with his courting.

Last night, !cawing Miss Pugh to powder her Nose in the back, he got out for a stroll, And noticed—never mind his head was full Of `oh, you know I do' and 'are you sure?'

And 'darling, please' and `you're the sweetest'-- That all the smog had lifted, and more stars Than he knew what to do with filled the And lighted lighthouse, civic centre, quay, Chimneys, the pony's pasture, cooling-tow ers.

'Looks beautiful tonight,' he muttered,

Then raised his voice: Turwen, get moving, do. You think I want to hang round here all night? Free over the weekend, are you? I'm not; I'm boozing with the boys on Saturday, Sunday's the club . . . All right, then. Nel er%