15 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 3

* * * The Sheffield By-election The result of the

By-election in the Brightside Division of Sheffield was declared on Thursday, February 6th, as follows :- Mr. F. Marshall (Lab.) .. • • .. 11,543

Mr. F. Hamer Russell (U.) .. 8,612 Mr. W. A. Lambert (L.) • • .. 3,650

Mr. J. T. Murphy (Com.) • • & 4 1,084

Labour majority .. 2,931

At the General Election Mr. Ponsonby, the Labour candidate, had a majority over the Unionist, Commander R. I. Money, of 10,449 ; and the Liberal candidate polled 6,612 votes. Naturally both the Labour Party and the Liberals were surprised and depressed by the By-election. As for the Unionist Party it may be said that though it had no cause for rejoicing it had considerably less cause than the others for lamenting.