15 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 3

Trade Conditions in Australia The move towards the further co-ordination

of Federal and Staie activities in Australia is gathering momentum. The Premier of Victoria, for instance, said last Sunday that it seemed hardly necessary to have a High Com- missioner and an Agent-General in London. Mr. Hogan referred to the reduction of the Bank Rate in London, but warned his audience that the difficulty in obtaining money would be as great as ever. The Federal Attorney- General, Mr. Brennan, replying to a Labour deputation, has promised to consider a national unemployment insurance: scheme, and has also accepted the suggestion that some authority should undertake an economic survey of Australia. As it happens, the Department of Overseas Trade has recently published a Report of " Economic and Trade Conditions in Australia," by Mr. R. W. Dalton, the Senior Trade Commissioner in the Commonwealth. It appears that the Australian Govern- ment proposes to amend the Commonwealth Bank Act to enable the Bank to give better assistance to industry.