15 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 31

The Milinda Question. by Mrs. Rhys-Davids in Triibner's " Oriental

Series" (Kegan Paul, 10s. 6d.) discusses the place in Buddhism and the history and authorship of some remarkable, philosophical conversations between a monk and a Graeco- Bactrian King a century or two before the Christian era. This is not an easy book ; indeed, it will only be understood by one versed in Buddhist philosophy : to such readers, how- ever, Mrs. Rhys-Davids brings precious things from the store- house of her learning. Manava, the supposed Brahman author of these Questions, discusses the Manhood of the Founder of Buddhism, the Sainthood of man, and the positive happiness of Nirvana: deep and difficult questions now as they were two thousand years ago.