15 FEBRUARY 1935, Page 16

The Best Sweet Peas

We have all our favourite flowers and varieties of flower. For myself the garden would be quite incomplete without the lavender variety of sweet pea, named Powerscourt, still quite supreme in its colour. There is another, Youth by name, that has converted many of us to the sweet pea that is not of a single pure colour. The pieotee edge on the wide lusty wings is full of charm. Both these varieties are given in a short list of the best sweet peas which appears a page or two earlier than the illustration of the Poulsen sepals. One does not, I think, need a great variety of sweet pea colours, a good lavender, a good white, such as Sextet Queen or Model, a good pink such - as Pinkie, are a necessity, for the three agree together per- fectly. Other sweet peas, say, the black purples, such as Black Diamond, come under the head of luxuries, though, happily, cheap luxuries. No investment gives such high divi- dends as good seeds of good annuals.