15 FEBRUARY 1935, Page 18

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.]

Sin,—It is refreshing to see that one schoolmaster has protested, even though half-heartedly, against the stupid and detestable practice of caning children in schools whatever their age or sex. A Board of Education or Local Authority which sanctions this practice today shows itself ignorant of the very elements of child psychology. The use of the cane is always an indication of inefficiency in the teacher—or worse. I know of a public school where one of the masters used to thrash the boys with a ferocity which sickened and terrified the whole class. He ended his life by committing suicide.

If a child really cannot be controlled except by methods of terrorism or humiliation, it is suitable for a special school.

—Yours faithfully, W. A. BREND. The Athenaeum, Pall Mall, S.W. 1.